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  • Space


    As a child I always dreamed of becoming an aviator one day. Unlike my friends that one day wanted to be a fireman and the next day a doctor, I never changed my mind. However, I must admit that for a few months I replaced my dream to become an aviator with the dream of becoming… Continue reading Space

  • GNU & Linux

    GNU & Linux

    I belong to a generation that approached the marvellous world of computing with an 8-bit home computer machine. It was called C64, sold by Commodore Business Machines. Simply known as Commodore 64. Like many users of that time, I had to customize some part of the program I wanted to run. This helped me to… Continue reading GNU & Linux

  • Do You Speak Tech?

    Do You Speak Tech?

    Ok. Let me start from the beginning. I have three lovely nieces and four nephews.  One day, I was talking to the youngest – 6 years old at the time of this story – via an app that also provides video call’s functionality. I was traveling for work in the United States. My niece asked… Continue reading Do You Speak Tech?